Shoppe like a Man

|| 2017-03-01 13:55:15

What does that even mean?  Why do I have to dress up all the time?  We hear it day in and day out.  It’s uncomfortable to dress up all the time.  I want to be comfortable when I go out.  But a lot of times being comfortable turns into sloppy or unkept.  Comfort does not have to equal lazy or lounge wear.  You can dress comfortably and look amazing.  Next time you hit the town take a look at your wife, girlfriend or significant other.  She cares about her appearance.  And if you live in Scottsdale she’s probably about 10 or 15 years younger than you.  She looks beautiful.  And you appreciate the effort.  It make you feel like a superstar when you have her on your arm and you walk into a bar.  Now look at her side of the coin.  She’s just spent 2 hours getting ready and she's dressed to the nines.   You on the other hand took 20 minutes and you threw on that old black dress shirt and your ill fitting jeans.  Your ass looks like  its melting.  Your shirt is a generous cut to hide a couple extra LB’s you put on over the years.  Sure you're comfortable and laid back and that’s perfectly OK for the Scottsdale lifestyle.  But what you're missing is what she has to deal with.  She looks like a million bucks and you look like a buck three eighty.  She’s taken the time to make sure she feels and looks good for you and for her.  You've taken the time to make sure your dressed.  And the sad thing is if you just put on a new shirt and jeans that fit you would “kill it”  in her eyes.  Imagine her seeing you in an outfit, that she didn't have to pick out.  Remember its the little things that show you care.   The few extra minutes you spent with one of our stylists picking out an amazing outfit that will make her sit up and take notice.  It’s not hard or uncomfortable in fact it quite easy.  And it goes a long way with women.  And it makes you feel more confident to know you and your woman think you look good.  So take a few minutes to stop by the Scottsdale Men’s Shoppe.  Talk to one of our stylists and try on a couple of things.  You can even have a beer and watch at the game if you want.  Then walk out with a new outfit that is comfortable and looks like a million bucks.  Because you deserve it and she definitely deserves it.  You’ll thank us in the morning.