Shorts: Your wardobe staple for the next 6 months!

|| 2017-03-01 13:55:15

It's my eighth summer here in the Valley of the Sun.  And like many of you I try to get up to the high country and San Diego whenever I can. As I run into more and more of my neighbors in Arizona West (So-Cal) or the highlands I noticed one glaring Dad fashion disaster, the cargo short.  You know exactly what I'm talking about the 3/4 pant that most of you call "shorts".  The ultra baggy, too many pockets, pukey green or khaki short that every dad or young professional owns.  What happened to wearing comfortable clothes that fit? You can look good and be comfortable!  Do you even know what fits?  What's the correct length? 


Let’s start with fit.  Fit, a simple concept that is apparently lost on many of us older guys.  Fit in a short is important.  Just as a well fitting pair of jeans creates a stir of confidence when you enter a bar.  Shorts that fit create that confident "cool dad" stride as you haul the beach chairs down to the shore.  Shorts should fit like a great pair of jeans.  Snug to the hips, slight taper to the knee.  And you don't have to be a super model boyish waif to pull this off.  You just need to try on a pair that fits.  Find your cut and by it in multiple colors.  


That brings me to color.  When I'm talking color I'm talking vibrant fun and out of your comfort zone.  Khaki and brown do not apply.  But if it's an ill fitting short than replace it.  Red, green, blue, yellow those are colors.  And those are colors that pair with multiple shirt combinations.  Plaids, ginghams (small checkered), white and virtually any print.  A plaid short, all though cool, should not dominate your summer wardrobe.  Remember basic is classic.  


Now we come to length.  Shorts are meant to be just that, short.  When you were skating in Dog town doing nose grinds and heel flips a 23" inseam on a short was cool.  The baggier the better.  You've grown up.  You no longer skate or bike to the movie theatre to go to work.  But growing up doesn't mean looking like your Dad.  Unless your Dad is Jack Nicholson.  Then you get a pass.  Shorts are made to be worn to just barely brush the knee.  A 19' - 20" inseam on a short is plenty to get you there.  Your shorts should just brush the top of your knee.  So branch out with your short selections.  Check out some of the styles that are out there.